I'm Not Trendy Enough For This Store
I went to the vintage clothing store to browse there for a while
I only wanted something cheap, not clothing that's in style
But the retro look's so popular, this place is like a nest
for the non-conformist fashion drones who want to look their best

The manager exemplified the whole store's sense of taste
with six tattoos and half a pound of metal in his face
I tell you, I'm not trendy enough for this store
and I feel out of place

Rifling through the boas there's a girl who might be cute
But one look at her accessories, the issue is just moot
She's got horn-rims & her eyebrow pierced, I could tell how much she'd spent
On a pair of combat boots that cost more than my last month's rent

I could see her in that coffeeshop that's right in Davis Square
Smoking cloves and quoting Sartre, with some green dye in her hair
I'm not trendy enough for this store
and I don't think I much care

  Don't want you to be quote-unquote normal
  I don't care if you dye your hair with streaks
  But don't go showing you're an individual
  by dressing just like all the other freaks

I'll fight my way back to the door, past vinyl without end
That naugahyde should be inside a garbage can, my friend
Now they're lined up at the register like polyester sheep
who think a canvas trenchcoat will make people think they're deep

Well, they've made a fashion "statement", but the message that gets through 
is "I paid too much for clothing that looked bad when it was new"
I tell you, I'm not trendy enough for this store
and I'm not gonna dress like you
No, I won't dress like you
© 1998 Jeffrey Yaus. All rights reserved.