adapted from:

Ana Hashem hoshia na                      (Psalm 118:25)
Ana Hashem hatzlicha na

Praiséd above all else                    (Psalm 96:4-6)
All others only idols           
Honor and majesty
Strength and beauty

Awake, awake my daughter                  (Judges 5:12)
Awake and sing a song                     
Lead your captivity captive
Arise, my son

    Anaynu, Anaynu, Veyom koraynu         (Psalm 20:10)

Ana Hashem hoshia na
Ana Hashem hatzlicha na

Sing with guitar, with drum,              (Psalm 98:4-6)
and the voice of a psalm 
Make a joyful noise
And let the world roar

Now write this song for you               (Deut 31:19)
And teach it to the children
Put it in their mouths
It will bear witness

    Anaynu, Anaynu, Veyom koraynu         (Psalm 20:10)

Hashem elohaynu                           (1 Kings 8:60)
Hashem echad
  Dominus Deus noster
  Dominus unum est

Hashem elohaynu
Hashem echad
  Ashadu alla                             (Muslim shahadah)
  Ilaha illa allah

Lyrics trad. arr corwin and Jeffrey Yaus, with additional English lyrics by Jeffrey Yaus.
© 1998 corwin and Jeffrey Yaus. All rights reserved.