The Groom
The door swings wide and you step inside
The procession is off on its way
You're dressed in white, you're lovely tonight
and all my crazy hopes slide away
Your eyes, your smile spread joy down the aisle
but all that I'm feeling is gloom
As I despair and silently stare
'cos I'm wishing that I was the groom

The rice is thrown, as I stand alone 
and I'm counting the chances I missed
A toast to you, and how you both knew
from the moment the two of you kissed
Strike up the band as he takes your hand
and the two of you glide 'round the room
But as you dance I sit on my hands
'cos I'm wishing that I was the groom

  Why, why didn't I
  Swallow my foolish pride?
  And I, I can't deny
  Should've tried, tried for the bride
© 2003 Jeffrey Yaus. All rights reserved.