Half a million years ago
Half a lake full of tears I cried
You always hoped to get me to let go
But never believed when I tried

You always wondered what I'd say
If I ever let my tongue off leash and I
Should've done it when you walked away
Instead of waiting so long to under-

 stand, that what you were tellin' me was true
 Had it in my hands but couldn't realize
 The key to everything was you
 And now I surely don't know what I'm gonna do

Waking up to my life nowadays gives me a reason
To look deep inside for the gifts that you left me
Now I know the only step that matters
is the next one I'm gonna take
and I breathe as I set myself free
Now you under-

 estimate my capacity for danger
 I'm the one who'll run into the open arms
 of friends and even strangers
 Choices they come and choices they go by so fast
 The things I could never hear, well, I've learned at last, you said

  (chorus) away on the wings of the moment
  Let yourself go with the flow ride the current
     and you know you'll be fine
  And if you try to hold on, grabbin' so tight
     to the things that might go wrong
  You'll never let your real self shine

I saw you on the street a week ago
Now it's Saturday we're having coffee I remember how your smile glows
You say you'd love to try again
But you know we should be just friends
Even though I know this time
that the feeling won't end

 How can I make you understand
 What you see when you look at me is no longer who I am
 The past has its arms around you you've got to let it be
 How strange that you now have to learn this from me


© 2003 Glen Daniels. All rights reserved.