Sentinel Chickens

What the hell is this song about?

Deep in the jungles and 
Florida swamps
in the shadows where they hide
Their mission is simple
to suck out your blood
and then spit some germs inside

But one man
(well, one agent)
will not be outdone
a fine feathered sentry
a government poultry
the bird with the golden gun

  Sentinel chickens
  Keep diseases at bay
  is just one cluck away

While we're on vacation
He's manning his station
alert in the Florida fens
But something might bite us
And encephalitis
might spread through the Free World again

But one man
(well, one agent)
is out on the march
His secret number's not 007
It's one dozen Grade A Large


     The Berlin Wall's fallen
     They've dismantled Stalin
     The Cold War is finally through
     But mosquitos and virus
     You know they desire us
     These chickens are guarding you

The health board is pleased
They've caught the disease
Their chicken's come down with the flu
This agent won't last
Now he's fading fast
This chicken -- he died for you

He's one man
(well, one agent)
who's only a bird
But still, you can honor
This bird who's a goner
Eat your omelets shaken, not stirred

© 1997, 1998 Jeffrey Yaus. All rights reserved.