Don't mix a big jug of chlorine bleach and ammonia
Don't burn the neighborhood down or your parents'll disown'ya

Don't call yourself the brand new Messiah
You'll only get called a saddened pariah who lied
(and got crucified)

chorus: You've got to be careful
        You've got to be careful in this life

Don't tell your friend the actor who played Kaiser Sose
Don't embezzle and get featured on a Fox News expose

Don't paint your house with just watercolors
Don't eat a diet entirely of crullers; you'll get fat
(and no-one would like that)


bridge: Ride your bike; run, and dance and sing
        Go out without wearing a thing
	Eat and drink your wine;
	Everything will be fine if you

Don't go off and date your best friend's kid sister
Don't rub salt inside your nice fresh red blister

Don't ponder the world and how fast it's shrinking
Don't dwell on death; it's simply too goddam much thinking
(you're better off drinking)

© 2002 Adam Hirsch.