songs in decent shape as of April 24st, 2006:

Song Name Words Music Related Flavor of Ice Cream
3 a.m. Love Song Hirsch/Yaus P.Rex Chocolate Fudge Obsession
Aïcha Brahim/Goldman transl. Yaus Brahim/Goldman French Vanilla
Better Day Hirsch P.Rex Butter Brickle
Careful Hirsch P.Rex French Cruller
Catch Your Breath Hirsch Yaus/Hirsch McLean Deluxe
Cleveland Hirsch P.Rex  
Don't Send in the Clowns Zorak (ok, it's really Merrill/Smith) Merrill/Smith Tater Tot
Eyeliner Yaus Yaus Sour Apple
Firefighting Cash/Holly Cash/Holly arr. P.Rex Neapolitan
Fisherman's Song Hirsch Hirsch Largemouth Bass
Fly Daniels Daniels Coffee
Fog Hirsch P.Rex Cranberry Sundae
The Groom Yaus Yaus Wedding Cake
Half a Mind Yaus Yaus Waffle
Hoshana trad. arr. corwin/Yaus; addl. Yaus trad. arr. corwin/Yaus; addl. Yaus Apple and Honey
I'm Not Trendy Enough For This Store Yaus Yaus Clove
The ___ Sleeps Tonight Weiss/Creatore/Peretti/Hirsch Weiss/Creatore/Peretti arr. P.Rex Rainforest Crunch
Mercy3 -- Zawinul Triple Fudge
New Taco Girl Yaus Yaus/P.Rex Guacamole
The Night Before the Morning After Hirsch P.Rex
Queen Bee Hirsch P.Rex Honey
Red Yaus Yaus Rocky Road
Sentinel Chickens Yaus Yaus Egg Creme
She Caught the Katy James Rachel James Rachel
Smoke and Mirrors Hirsch P.Rex Low-Fat Ice Milk
Turn the World Around Belafonte Belafonte Banana
Walking in Your Footsteps Sting Sting arr. P.Rex Vanillosaurus Rex
When the Crows Come Home to Roost Yaus Yaus English Toffee
You're So New Hirsch P.Rex Eggplant Parmesan

and songs in the works:

Song Name Words Music Related Flavor of Ice Cream
Twelve-Inch Hamster Hirsch P.Rex Ripple 'n' Olly