Band Info

A Brief History

corwin and Adam founded the band inadvertently when Rex told them they should get a bunch of folks together to jam on acoustic folk music -- Adam to sing and write lyrics, corwin to pound on his impressive set of hand drums, and Rex to manage the sessions and play sitar as it suited him. Over time the weekly sessions evolved from a rotating band of guests into a consistent lineup, and, almost by accident, a band. Jeff joined a few months later as the band's mandolin player and sometime guitarist.

Soon, instruments plugged in, the mandolin vanished, and drumsticks materialized; the group slowly evolved from folk to folk-rock and then into rock proper, with dashes of world music and garage punk for flavor, and more than a little dose of humor. After a year and a half, Rex decided that the locker-room aroma in the rehearsal space was still not strong enough, telling them to bring aboard another guy. Thus did Glen join as the band's bassist, adding funk and blues sensibilities to an increasingly eclectic list of influences. His not-inconsiderable harmonica skills were an added plus.

Today the band works out of Cambridge, MA, in a rehearsal space filled with 1800 miles of audio cable, four whiteboards, two sickly plants, and a pair of corwin's girlfriend's mom's underwear. (The band prefers not to answer questions about the underwear.)

The Band Today

Platypus Rex can be found touring the Northeast in their garishly-painted bus, singing songs and pleasin' the crowds.

Oh, wait, sorry. That was the Partridge Family. I always get those two confused.

Truth be told, I have no idea what the hell they're doing.