The official home of "duck-billed folk-funk"

Our latest EP, Unhatched is available for download! Check it out over at our mp3s page.

Our debut album, The King and I, is also available. You can buy it online or download it on our mp3s page.

Q. When are y'all playing next?

A. Yeah, um, we're not. Now that we're spread out over thousands of miles, it's hard to get together to rehearse, nevertheless shape up for an actual show.

Q. I can't enjoy music unless I can heavily categorize the artist, using artificial distinctions created by Machiavellian media megaconglomerates. How should I pigeonhole Platypus RexTM?

A. If you must, file us under "rock", but we fit as well into "rock" as Rush Limbaugh fits into a pair of Speedos.

To find out the band's genre at this very moment, consult the GenremeterTM at right.

Q. Who is Platypus Rex, anyhow?

A. Rex is the king, baby. His Monotreme Majesty is backed up by four goofy guys.

Q. You're a .org? You're not-for-profit?

A. If you think we're coming anywhere close to making a profit on this band, you are sadly mistaken.

Q. Do you have a low-calorie, or "Lite" version?

A. Some good percentage of us may safely be considered polyunsaturated. We all go well with a salad and chocolate cake.

Q. Do you do weddings?

A. Only if your family's idea of fun is watching a gaggle of geeks groove to a blues-rock version of a song from "Space Ghost". We doubt it is.

Q. Can I stalk you?

A. No.

Q. So Adam plays a "zil". What the hell is a "zil"?

A. It's a kind of pasta made with pesto and... oh, never mind. It's kind of like a cymbal designed by pygmies that sounds like a triangle. If you know what we mean.

Q. No, I don't have the slightest idea what you mean.

A. That's not a question.

Q. What are the critics saying about Platypus Rex?

A. "Wow, you guys wrote this?" - Adam's mom
    "Very professional. I'm impressed." - Jeff's mom

[Glen and corwin's moms have exclusive contracts with PolyGram and were unable to provide comment.]

  Seriously, The Noise said of us that "they play a kind of emo blues-rock that leans heavily on the lyrics, which are very smart and very clever... the harmony bits are really good... fully appreciate the excellent bass lines." Of course, they also said we were "occasionally too cute", so take that as you will.

Q. Can I stalk you?

A. Dammit, we said no.

Q. Well, then can I send you email?

A. Well, all right, if you insist.